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Weeks, GregPASTOR GREG (Sundays 8 & 11 a.m.)

Faith and Atheism: Looking at God from Both Sides

Looking as objectively as we can at life, and even at our faith resources, will lead us to understanding the root causes of atheism. In doing so, we will each be challenged to answer the question, “Why do I believe what I believe?” We’ll let findings from science, neuroscience, and psychology inform our understanding of our world, ourselves, and our God.

April 8: You Aren't Who You Think You Are

April 15: God Isn't Who You Think God Is

April 22: Jesus Isn't Who You Think He Is

April 29: The Church Isn't What You Think It Is


PASTOR STEPHANIE (Saturdays 3:45 & 5 p.m., Chapel)

Lendt, StephanieFear of the Other, No Fear in Love

This sermon series is based on the book, Fear of the Other, No Fear in Love, by William H. Willimon. Immediately following Pastor Stephanie's Saturday evening worship service, please join us for dinner and discussion of the book Register here.


Feb 17: Fear of the Other

Feb 24: Saved by the Other

March 3: The Other, My Enemy

March 10: Learning to Fear Like Christians

March 17: Loving the Other in Church

March 24: Jesus, the Other