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Weeks, GregPASTOR GREG (Sundays 8 & 11 a.m.)

Boot Camp Discipleship

In John’s Gospel, when Jesus started teaching difficult things, “many left.” The ones who remained took their discipleship to the next level. If we are to be followers and not observers, we must do the same. The focus is practical things the disciple MUST learn and practice in order to deepen and live out faith with strength and joy.

Jan. 7: Meeting the Drill Sergeant

Jan. 14: Specializing

January 21: Getting in Shape

Feb. 4: Being the Team

Feb. 11: On A Mission


PASTOR WINTER (Sundays 9:30 a.m. & 5 p.m., unless otherwise noted)

Embodied Epiphany (Jan. 7-Feb. 11)

During this season, after the Epiphany, we are invited to take the revelation of Christmas, that God Hamilton, Winteris with us, and begin to embody its truth. We begin with the Baptism of Jesus--a revelatory moment which claims that all things have changed. This is the season to remember we are called, to remember out baptism and baptismal vows, and to embody that calling.

Jan. 7: God Embodied
Jan. 14: Embodying our Calling
Feb. 4: Embodying Transformation

Feb. 11: Embodying Tranfiguration


PASTOR STEPHANIE (Saturdays 3:45 & 5 p.m., Chapel)

Holy, Sacred, Mystical (January 6-20)

Lendt, Stephanie

Jan. 6: Discovery
Jan. 13: Baptism
Jan. 20: Community