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Weeks, GregPASTOR GREG (Sundays 8 & 11 a.m.)

Dancing the Circle Wide (Sept. 3-24)

What will it take for the church to be a force that unites, in a world that divides? There are very clear Biblical mandates that, when we follow them, enable us to see our differences as strengths to celebrate. This applies in EVERY aspect of our lives, individually and communally.

September 3: The Dance of Humility

September 10: The Dance of Empathy

September 17: The Dance of Justice

September 24: The Dance of Courage


PASTOR STEPHANIE (Saturdays, 4 & 5:30 p.m.)

I Said 'Love One Another' (Sept.2-16)

Lendt, StephanieSeptember 2: Genuinely

September 9: As Yourself

September 16: Without Judgment




PASTOR WINTER (Sundays 5 p.m )

Salvation & Freedom: The Book of Exodus (August 27-September 24)

Hamilton, Winter

Our God is a God of Freedom and liberation! Exodus is one of the most foundational and interesting stories of the Bible. Mighty works of God, liberation, and tools to help us grow in our faith, this book has it all.

Join Pastor Winter at the 5:00 Sunday Worship service to hear the stories of Moses, the man called by God to help save an entire group of people. Come sing spirituals and hear a story of God’s salvific power. Communion is served. Children welcome.

August 27: Bold Women and Burning Bushes

September 3: Let My People Go 

September 10: My People, Let Go

September 17: Love is the Law

September 24: The Promised Land