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Sermon Video Archives by Series/Pastor

*These sermons are listed in chronological order.


Citizenship in God's World (Rev. Greg Weeks)

Requirements (2/19/2017)

Service Responsibilities (2/26/2017)

Rules to Live By (3/5/2017)

Do No Harm (3/12/2017)


On the Way to Jerusalem (Rev. Winter Hamilton)

Jesus and the Wilderness (3/5/2017)

Jesus and Nicodemus (3/12/2017)

Jesus and the Samaritan Woman (3/19/2017)

Jesus and the Blind Man (3/26/2017)


A Lenten Journey (Rev. Stephanie Lendt)

Encountering Angels and Wrestling Demons (3/4/2017)

Distant Charity or Concrete Love? (3/11/2017)

Scandalous Grace (3/19/2017)

Activist or Lover? (3/25/2017)


Creating a Healthy Lifestyle (Rev. Greg Weeks)

Navigating A Culture of Denial (1/15/17)

Being Still (1/22/17)

Food and Footsteps (2/5/17)

Eyes and Ears (2/12/17)


You are Called (Rev. Winter Hamilton)

The Waters of Baptism & Getting Along, Even When We Disagree (1/8/17)

Witnessing the Spirit (1/15/17)

God Calls the Unexpected (1/22/17)


Christmas & Family (Rev. Greg Weeks)

Counting Gifts (12/4/2016)

The Power of Adoption (12/11/2016)

The Gift of the Blended Family (12/18/16)


The Joy of Giving Back (Rev. Greg Weeks)

The Joy of Remembering (10/9/16)

The Joy of Surprises (10/16/16)

Perils and Promises of Prosperity (10/23/16)

The Joy of Tomorrow (10/30/16)


Extraordinary Ordinary Faith (Rev. Stephanie Lendt)

Having Enough (10/2/2016)

Giving Thanks (10/8/16)

Feeling Secure (10/15/16)

Asking Forgiveness (10/22/16)


Deeper Discipleship (Rev. Greg Weeks)

Stay Shallow or Go Deep? (8/21/16)

Bring It Down (8/28/16)

Give It Up (9/4/16)

Let It Go (9/11/16)

Get It Done  (9/18/16)

The Creed of the Disciple (9/25/16)


The Cornerstones (Rev. Greg Weeks)

Communion (7/10/16)

Baptism (7/17/16)

The Ten Commandments (7/24/16)

The Lord's Prayer (7/31/16)


SIN: Defining It, Avoiding It, Dealing With Someone Else's (Rev. Greg Weeks)

SIN: Defining It (6/12/16)

SIN: Avoiding It (6/19/16)

SIN: Dealing with Someone Else's (6/26/16)


The Book of Acts (Rev. Winter Hamilton)

The Spirit Will Not Be Silenced (4/3/16)

Week Two (4/10/16)

An Open Letter to the Children of This Church (4/17/16)

Sometimes Things Change (4/24/16)

Not Always As It Seems (5/1/16)

Release of the Captives...and the Captors (5/8/16)

Mutuality in Diversity (5/15/16)

Sophia, The Divine Feminine (5/22/16)

YHWH Vs. Baal (5/29/16)

Who You Callin' Sinner? (6/12/16)


Love, Sex, and the Bible (Rev. Greg Weeks)

A Clash of Cultures (4/3/16)

The Distinctive Christian Attitude Toward Sex (4/10/16)

A Healthy Christian Sexual Ethic for Today (4/17/16)


Finding Common Ground (Rev. Greg Weeks)

Recognizing Our Brokenness (2/7/16)

Loving Our Neighbors (2/14/16)

Welcoming All People (2/21/16)

Building the Community (2/28/16)


Bridging the Two Testaments (Rev. Winter Hamilton)

Wilderness (2/14/16)

Covenant (2/21/16)

Suffering (2/28/16)

Grace (3/6/16)

Change (3/13/16)


The Balancing Act (Rev. Greg Weeks)

Fighting Cynicism (1/3/16)

Being Authentic (1/10/16)

Letting Go (1/17/16)

Nibbling Our Way Lost (Bishop Robert Schnase) (1/24/16)

Practicing Resurrection (1/31/16)


Who Is This Guy? (Rev. Winter Hamilton)

Week One  (1/17/16)

Week Two  (1/24/16)

Week Three  (1/31/16)

Week Four  (2/7/16)


Moving Past the Illusion

The Illusion of the Christmas Gift

The Illusion of the "Master Plan"

The Illusion of Christmas


The Sharing Conundum

Recognizing Jesus





Faith, Science, and Technology

Creation, Evolution, and the Eye

A Glimpse at the Cosmos

Microscopic Miracles

God and the Gene

Technology and Your Soul



Community, Not Isolation

Sacrifice, Not Safety

Love, Not Obligation


FAQ: Frequently asked questions about Christians believe, why we believe it, and how to talk about it

Do I Have to Go to Church?

Do I Have Free Will?

How Do I Relate to Other Religions?

How Can I Experience God?

Am I in Trouble?

Who is the Holy Spirit?


The Final Words from the Cross

Father, Forgive Them

Today You Will Be With Me in Paradise

Behold Your Son... Behold Your Mother

My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

I Thirst

It Is Finished; Into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit


Finding Your Story

A Story of Relationship

A Story of Grace

A Story of Prejudice

A Story of Suffering

A Story of Forgiveness


Waking Up to Christmas

Waking Up to Others

Waking Up to Ourselves

Waking Up to Jesus


Reflections on Maturing

Running Away from Home

Unseen Gifts

Winning Beauty Contests



ONE Adventure: When God Chooses You

ONE Vision: Our Lemonade Stand

ONE Church: The Mosaic of Community

ONE Sacrifice: Passing Jesus' Test

ONE Promise: The Power of the Ring