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Flood Relief Makes A Difference!
Posted 5-16-2017

It’s difficult to imagine the strain that flooding inflicts upon people. In recent weeks, as with the flood following the Christmas of 2015, our church reached out in many ways. I’ve asked Rev. Beth Elders, Pastor of Missions, to share her reflections.
--Pastor Greg
As rain continued falling and river levels began rising, Manchester UMC geared up to serve our community in a time of crisis. Thanks to numerous MUMC volunteers and community members, we truly made a difference in the lives of those impacted. Our commitment extends beyond the initial crisis to include rebuilding homes and lives in the months to come.
Manchester UMC’s response to the recent area flooding has been powerful:

  • We served as a storage location for Circle of Concern (food pantry in Valley Park) office equipment. Volunteers from MUMC helped move computers and other office items to/from church.
  • Volunteers of all ages assisted in sandbagging operations in Valley Park and in Eureka as the flood waters continued rising.
  • We served as a Red Cross Emergency Shelter from 4/30/17 to 5/9/17 (10 days), housing up to 20 individuals displaced by the flood.
  • The Missouri Humane Society used our church as a mobile pet shelter from 5/1 through 5/4.
  • We received 1,108 clean-up buckets from our UMCOR Depot in Chatham, IL on Tuesday, May 2.  Over 60 volunteers from MUMC and around our community helped to unload these from the truck and into the church for storage.
  • Over the course of three days, 15+ volunteers from MUMC delivered over 1,000 clean-up buckets to area United Methodist churches and emergency operations centers in Valley Park, Eureka, Arnold, Pacific, Union, Ellisville, Fenton, and the Jefferson County Emergency Operations Center in Herculaneum, MO.
  • We handed out over 30 clean-up buckets at MUMC to residents in neighboring communities who heard about us and came to pick up supplies for themselves or neighbors affected. 
  • We distributed over 75 cases of water to residents of Pacific, Arnold, and other areas during the boil order that took place at the height of the flood.
  • We have been receiving donations of UMCOR clean-up buckets from Gateway Districts churches and throughout the metropolitan area.
  • We coordinated with Convoy of Hope to distribute 250 large bottles of bleach to residents of Valley Park to assist with mold remediation and general cleaning following the flood.
  • 16+ volunteers from MUMC and around the area assisted businesses in Valley Park on May 5 as they moved back in following the mandatory evacuation order.
  • MUMC served as the St. Louis City/County MARC on 5/12 & 5/13, where approximately 100 families (over 300 individuals) affected by recent flooding were assisted by over 22 Federal, State, and local agencies and nonprofits. Flood survivors came from St. Louis City, St. Louis County, Jefferson County, and Franklin County.
  • 21 volunteers from MUMC handed out 164 UMCOR Health Kits and numerous cases of water to those in attendance at the MARC last week.
  • We will be hosting trainings for MUMC and other area churches on Flood Clean-Up Procedures, in collaboration with the Missouri Conference of the UMC and Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas.
  • Our Emergency Response Team is ready to be deployed to area homes in need of mucking out/clean-up and other needs (based upon numerous calls from area churches of parishioners in need, we anticipate being disbursed in the next day or two).

 Video Coverage

 Thank you to everyone who has given of your time and resources to make a difference in our community.  Your dedication and generosity impacted hundreds of people affected by recent flooding.
Although the flood waters have receded, the work of rebuilding homes affected by the flooding has just begun. We will need volunteer to assist with muck-outs, general clean-up efforts, and rebuilding in our communities in the upcoming weeks and months. If you are interested in lending a hand during the next step of recovery, or if you are interested in being a part of our Emergency Response Team (ERT) year-round, please contact me:, 636.200.4724. 
Last Published: January 12, 2018 10:23 AM
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