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Master Plan

The “Master Plan” is a collection of blueprints for how Manchester UMC will grow into God’s unique future for us. Ultimately, each proposal included will enable us to:

  1. Equip God’s people within Manchester UMC

  2. Continue our commitment to make a difference in our community, city, nation, and world

Below you’ll find exciting new initiatives that development teams are thinking through. We invite your feedback, participation, and questions.  Connect to learn more about how your voice can be heard and incorporated into each decision.

God Calls Us To:


  1. Assess Manchester UMC member skills, gifts, and passions

  2. Address relevant theological and cultural issues, with 75% of worship attendees participating in weekly small groups

  3. Enhance Manchester UMC facilities and technology resources to support the mission of the church

  4. Offer leadership training and be a center for faith development

  5. Be a place where children, youth, and families can continue to grow in faith together


  1. Strengthen the ongoing need to provide excellence in current worship services by repairing and preserving our organ.

  2. Expand current worship services to average 1,650 in weekly services through outreach

  3. Launch a new worship service relevant to those not presently being reached through our current ministries.

  4. Expand comprehensive mission, faith formation, and fellowship opportunities for all ages


  1. Establish a local mission center in the heart of West County where people would receive services needed to help transform their lives and build their futures.

  2. Engage a minimum of 300 Manchester UMC members in hands-on mission each month, making a difference in more than 5,000 lives each year.

  3. Strengthen our relationship with Mozambique, providing mission trips to interested participants, and raising consciousness about world needs.


Development Teams Include:

Property & Facilities Team: This team develops ensures that the MUMC property is a vehicle for worship, faith formation, and for mission by assessing property updates and renovation needs. To learn more about this team and their plans to enhance church facilities, contact Rev. Phil Estes.

Faith Formation Team: This team creates cohesive faith programs that enable people to claim and articulate what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ through corporate and small group learning opportunities. Their focus is on helping the congregation grow in discipleship and personal connection with Christ. To learn more about this team, and their plans to further enhance faith formation, contact Debbie Irving.

Mission Development Team: This team's aim is to provide pathways out of poverty locally and globally. Through specific initiatives in West County, along with furthering our Four Core Mission Initiatives, and Mozambique partnership, this team will ensure that we continue making a difference for Christ in our world. To learn more about this team, and the unique proposals to enhance mission, contact Rev. Beth Elders.

Church Transformation Team: This team's goal is to develop and equip church leaders through Christian Leadership College, develop new resources for clergy using the latest technology, and to host annual training events like Toxic Charity. To learn more about this team, contact Rev. Stephanie Lendt.

Worship Development Team: This team's focus is on reaching unchurched members of our community who are not currently being served by our ministries. They take an in-depth look at age demographic needs, staffing needs, and facility needs to further enhance worship at Manchester UMC. To learn more about this team, contact Rev. Greg Weeks.