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Grow in Your Faith

As United Methodists, we believe that we continue to grow in faith throughout our lives and that putting intentional practices in place can help with this growth. At MUMC, we offer a wide variety of exciting programs for children, youth, and adults. Ongoing programs include Sunday school for all ages, small group learning opportunities for youth and adults, and opportunities for all ages to be together in community service. Through Bible study, prayer, service and fellowship, we are confident that you will find the tools you need at MUMC to continue your faith journey in meaningful ways. If you have any questions, please contact our Discipleship/Program staff (links on the righthand side of the page). We are always happy to assist and make recommendations tailored to your needs. Blessings on your journey.

Tools for Discipleship

John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, was passionate about intentionally fostering a relationship with God to aid us in walking more closely in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. With this in mind, we have chosen seven of his spiritual disciples (7 Tools for Discipleship) to guide our programs. The goal is that with some intentionality, we can all deepen our relationship with God and one another through these spiritual practices. We welcome and encourage you to try classes in each area. The symbols we are using are explained below.  

Blessings for a rich faith journey,

Bible Study -Intro
Bible Study – This is the foundation for all other spiritual disciplines. Through the Bible, we learn who God is and how God was made visible to us in Jesus. We offer Bible studies for beginners, advanced students and everyone in between. Our programs also encourage individuals to read the Bible in daily or weekly personal reflection time, just as John Wesley would do.
Testimony - Intro
Testimony - This one gets such a bad rap, but it’s really just sharing our faith through sharing of stories. We’ll be offering opportunities for you to hear people’s faith stories and we’ll offer opportunities for you to share your story with others in a relaxed way. Testimony has great power to reassure us of God’s active presence in our world and to inspire us on our journey.
Small Groups - Intro
Small Groups - Small accountability groups were key to John Wesley’s ministry. He understood early on the importance of having others with whom to study, share prayer and hold us accountable as we strive to align our lives with the life of Jesus. Most groups in this book are small groups, but some are particularly geared for this type of depth. Those have been noted with the small group symbol.
Needs of the Poor - intro
Needs of the Poor – Wesley was well known for his care of those who were very poor and he worked to provide not only food, but health care, education and legislative change. Please see the Blessed to Be a Blessing booklet for more details on how you can engage.
Prayer and Fasting - intro
Prayer & Fasting – Wesley began each day in prayer and would fast regularly as a way to center his mind and body on God. We’ll offer opportunities to deepen your understanding of prayer. Fasting is also an important spiritual discipline. We will offer opportunities to embark together on food fasts, technology fasts, purchasing fasts and many other types of fasts that speak to our lives today.
Acts of Service - intro
Acts of Service – It doesn’t take much reading of the Gospels to understand that Jesus was big into service!  This is a key link to aligning our lives with that of Jesus’. Please see the Blessed to Be a Blessing booklet for plenty of options, to share faith through acts of service both within our congregation and outside our doors.
Healthy Living - intro
Healthy Living – Wesley understood that our spiritual health and physical health are linked. He was an advocate for exercise and eating smartly. Today, the UMC continues to understand health in a holistic way that not only includes physical and spiritual health, but mental health, social wellness and environmental health. The programs we offer in this area will offer opportunities to learn about taking care of our bodies, taking care of our household, and taking care of God’s creation.